METALIK Ltd offers gas-oxygen cutting, the advantages of which are:

  • the cheapest cutting of black tool steel up to 300 mm.
  • accuracy of the work
  • -high smoothness in the cutting area

The machines used for gas-oxygen cutting are characterized by low service costs, relatively easy operation, and convenience in working with thick sheets. 

Also, gas-oxygen cutting machines often have automatic gas and air pressure control and automatic control of cutting height.

In principle, gas-oxygen cutting is a chemical reaction between pure oxygen and metal under elevated temperature conditions to form iron oxide.

Cutting itself begins by heating the upper surface or edge of the metal to a flash point but without reaching the melting point by the heat of the preheating gas flame. The temperature to which the metal is heated varies depending on its chemical composition.

For steel, for example, this temperature is in the order of 700 - 900 ° C. Upon reaching the ignition temperature, a thin stream of technically pure oxygen is fed to the high pressure metal centrally in the cutting zone. Under the action of oxygen, the metal is oxidized, which releases a considerable amount of heat to provide heating of the metal in the above its edge to the melting point.

The slags are formed and the oxides are removed by the oxygen stream along the lateral edge of the metal while heating the low metal layers, which are subsequently oxidized until the metal is cut through the depth.

At the same time, the cutting starts at a certain speed in the direction of cutting.

A continuous layer of combustion metal is formed on the front surface of the cut along the entire thickness. The oxidation of the metal begins at the top and is consequently transferred to the lower layers of the metal. Cutting of the metal can be done in all thickness (split cutting) or part of it (surface cutting). Separation cutting is considered to be appropriate for cutting sheet material, for cutting billets of different shapes,

An important factor in the industry is the ability to cut metals with different thicknesses in both straight line and different contours by means of gas-oxygen cutting.

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