METALIK Ltd. offers laser cutting machining with the following advantages:

  • High performance
  • Removing the need for further processing
  • High precision of processing
  • Ability to cut openings smaller than the material thickness

Laser cutting is a technology for machining metals. Its use allows the production of metal products, which are characterized by high processing accuracy, in relatively short terms.

Modern laser cutting machines are characterized by high performance and allow a significant degree of automation of the material processing process. They can work with different metals and are suitable for different industrial areas. Compared to mechanical cutting, laser cutting does not pollute the material, as there is no physical contact, so no further processing of the product is required. It also provides very high cutting accuracy, which is particularly important for a number of industrial applications.

Cutting element in laser cutting is a directed laser beam of high energy, which causes faster melting, burning or evaporation of the material.

In the industrial sector, laser cutting is widely used for cutting sheet metal and heavy metals, as well as industrial components of different sizes and rigidity. Among the advantages of the laser technology is that the resulting waste products are removed by a stream of gas, resulting in a smooth surface.

Typically, the technological capabilities of laser cutting equipment allow cutting of the metal with a small amount of waste products.

Laser cutting machines are distinguished by increased positioning accuracy which results in high cost-effective cutting performance.

They feature a high speed of operation that depends on the power of the laser beam.

With laser cutting equipment, non-metallic parts as well as details that are easily susceptible to deformation can be processed. The use of laser cutting equipment makes it possible to cut out any contour with different levels of complexity.

They are considered particularly appropriate in the case of small batch production, as their ultimate cost is lower than some other production methods.

The use of laser cutting machines makes it possible to considerably increase the productivity of the processes involved in metal processing, including in the case of series production. Laser cutting machines allow for an operational adjustment of the machining parameters.

Flexibility is one of the reasons why laser cutting machines are sought in many areas where sheet materials are used, such as in the petrochemical industry, in the manufacture of medical devices, in the electronics industry, in the advertising industry, and so on.

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